Inline vodka production

Mixing is one of the basic functions in mechanical and process engineering. Our company, thanks to extensive knowledge on industrial automation and control systems, is capable of offering inline mixing systems which automatically monitor media flow in real time.

Due to the fact that every product has its own characteristics and requirements, there is a need of   knowledge that helps to handle important issues related to dosage, like accuracy, speed, pressure, continuity of the process and its reproducibility.

The heart of the control system is a PLC controller with a bunch of devices that supervise the accuracy of all component dosage. These devices are:


  • Flowmeters
  • Pressure sensors
  • Control valves
  • Level radars
  • Low and High level sensors
  • Colorimeters

Measurement and control devices

The finished product reaches the valve matrix that redirects the alcohol to the storage tank, where later it can be transferred through the next valve matrix to the bottling line.


Explosive hazard areas are a special locations for process control systems

Our systems use the Profibus PA standard. Connections carried out in accordance with the IEC 1158-2 standard, which allows the use of the network in a hazardous environment (e.g. Explosive).

In traditional systems, all process and control signals are transmitted separately through a separation barrier to the controller. Such solution significantly increases the number of connections and cables used, and of course the cost associated with the necessity of using separation barriers.

Our company offers a new approach for controlling systems in hazardous areas, offering Excom network systems. It is a fully modular remote I/O with IP20 protection, for installation in zones 1 and 2 with the possibility of connecting the digital and analog signals from zone 0. Between the controller and the I/O modules it is required to use only the transmission cable and one module separation. This allows, especially in large applications,  for a significant reduction in installation and wiring costs while increasing the reliability of the system.

Wonderware System Platform

The main communication interface between the operator and the machine is the Wonderware System Platform. The platform provides a structure that facilitates the development and administration of distributed applications for data management. It enables seamless exchange of data and information at every level of production.


System platform application example

Operating panel

The operating panel of each machine is intuitive and friendly to use. Handling it does not cause major problems for operators, thereby eliminating the risk of errors. The panel displays information about each of the dosing elements –  currently dispensed substance, actuators, valves, pumps – all are graphically presented on the screen for easy identification of the current situation in the field.