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Reporting systems

Our systems also work autonomously from existing ones. This ensures stability and complete elimination of potential collisions. These solutions ensure that, in case of system extension, the customer doesn’t have to bear excessive costs linked with current devices adaptation.

Each machine’s operating panel is user-friendly and very intuitive which benefits in less mistakes done by the operator. The panel displays information about every element- current object, current substance being dosed. All executive elements- pumps, valves, etc.- are presented on the touchscreen in a graphical form for easier identification. The information about current usage of chemical solutions is also displayed.

Schedule and employee identification is another key feature. It is done either by user logins, RFID tags or fingerprint scanning. All system stoppage causes have to be described by the operator.

The system is prepared for full communication with the plant’s supervision system and is compatible with SQL databases. The data with their analysis can be transferred electronically to another unit where they can be analysed.