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MAGMA’s pasteurizers,

both new and modernized existing constructions, comply with EU 92/46/EEC directive and the recommendation of The International Dairy Federation(IDF). In other words the pasteurisers meet the rules of HACCP and can be used for export productions. The level of safety, parameter control and data archiving does comply with the ISO 9000 norms.


The control system has many innovative solutions such as:

  • automatic checking and recording of the dumping valve opening,
  • full control over cleaning,
  • thermal sterilisation of the system with separator and deaerator protection,
  • full flexibility of configuration(with or without separator, with or without deaerator, short holder, long holder, changing throughput in case of e.g. cream production),
  • cooperation with external devices such as input and output tanks,
  • possibility of numerous formulas programing,
  • constant registration and archiving of device parameters: pressure differences in all sections, pasteurization temperature, separation temperature, deaerating temperature, outlet temperature, product flow),
  • system can generate, at the end of the production, a report(Time and date of sterilization, production and cleaning, operator’s name, changes in parameters, alarm history, amount of product).

We prepare the program and start-up the installation for large foreign companies which build process devices including pasteurisers.

 Each our application is custom made and on each stage of designing and start-up consulted with the customer.

All suggestions of technologists, staff and employees reflect in the overall effect and end product behaviour.

We can adapt to our customers’ needs and capabilities. We manufacture large, extensive installations as well as small ones that do not require high amounts of equipment. Our systems do not have a closed architecture which means that new features can be freely added at any stage, for example:

– Small stand-alone control systems with a simple operating panel

– Combination of numerous devices linked with a large operating panel

Connection with a supervisor computer, full visualisation of the entire plant and data transmission to the existing network

Examples of operating panels