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The MAGMA CIP station is adapted for technological devices to be cleaned in a closed loop.

       Most food consumers have never saw any production facility and how food is processed. They believe that the producer made sure that all processes were held in sterile environment and executed by competent personnel who ensure repeatability and maintenance of this conditions.

Prevention is always key and food companies are obligated to comply with legal terms and remaining a high quality standard. For this reason CIP stations can save a lot of money and unpleasant surprises.

  Up until now, cleaning of technological lines and machines was done by man equipped with brushes and cleaning solutions. They had to dismantle the installation and walk into tanks to clean their surfaces. It is both labour-consuming and ineffective: the product was often re-infected by the equipment.

Briefly, the cleaning procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Recycling of remaining product,
  • Pre-rinse to get rid of major impurities,
  • Cleaning with cleaning solutions(detergent and acid),
  • Rinsing with clean water,
  • Optional disinfection.

Each step requires demands an appropriate amount of time to ensure good results.


CIP Stations proposed by our company meet all above mentioned requirements.

They also comply with HACCP norms and, implemented by some companies, the ISO 9000 series norms. The solution, temperature, step time, piping configuration and flow is automatically controlled and regulated. The station can be built as single or multi-track system that have several independent cleaning loops. The internal memory of the control system contains two-dimensional characteristics for the provided chemical solutions. Each time the trade name of the solution is displayed on the control panel helping to eliminate any human mistakes. In the field of elaborating the characteristics of cleaning solutions we cooperate with ECOLAB POLAND. Many of the solutions in our units are innovative and patented.

If the customer wishes so, the CIP station can be equipped with monitoring and archiving systems which  ensures immediate and comfortable data access even from a couple years back. It is very helpful when applying for export permissions and ISO 9000 certificates. It is also necessary when removing certain problems during normal production practice.

Additionally our company can offer a system for managing and accounting the cleaning solutions for the whole plant. This system integrates the existing cleaning stations and enables adding new ones. Wherever possible, a system of chemical solutions recycling and redistribution is applied. The effect of a centralised cleaning management system is a rational usage of cleaning solutions, elimination of waste and a following measurable savings.

Examples of operating panels