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Magma S.A.P. company believes that in all company activities it is necessary to maintain basic ethical values ​​and to recognize commitments to all those interested in the company’s operations. Honesty is a prerequisite for achieving company stability and success. The company’s reputation and trust in it is one of the greatest values.
The introduction of the Codex to the company is a recognition of these values ​​and a commitment to regularly monitor compliance with accepted standards.


1. Magma S.A.P. will provide products and services of value, good quality, solidly made and safe to use:

– the company will offer products in accordance with national and international standards, or in the absence thereof, carry out appropriate security tests;

– the company will not intentionally provide incomplete information and misleading descriptions of the services and products offered;

– it will not intentionally hide the harmful effects of products.

2. In advertising undertakings and other forms of communication, the company will avoid giving false, exaggerated or incomplete information.

3. To ensure full customer satisfaction, the company will provide a high standard of service.

4. Company employees should not give customers money or gifts that can be treated as material benefits.

5. The company will avoid practices aimed at increasing sales by any illegal marketing projects.

6. The company will maintain confidential information obtained from the client.


1. Relations between Magma S.A.P. company and its employees will be based on respect for their personal dignity.

2. The company will accept and promote employees, taking into account the qualifications required for a given position.
Employees will not be discriminated on the basis of race, religion, nationality, skin color, age, sex, marital status or disability that does not affect the results of their work.

3. The company will strive to provide stable jobs and reliably inform employees about employment prospects.

4. The company is committed to providing a clean, healthy and safe working environment in accordance with the standards and laws. Employees have a duty to avoid accidents, injuries to themselves, their colleagues, as well as outsiders.

5. The company will ensure the confidentiality of medical data provided by employees. The results of periodic tests will not be made available to other employees or outsiders.

6. In order to appreciate the efforts of individual people who contribute to the company’s success, the company will apply the rules of transparent and readable remuneration policy. The rules of the remuneration system will be structured to take into account the individual contribution of each employee.

7. The company will help employees improve their qualifications and support their careers in the company.

8. The company will inform employees about the goals of their activities and tasks at individual workplaces.

9. Information obtained from employees during work will not be used for any other competitive purpose than the one for which they were made available.

10. The company undertakes to disclose the direct personal interests of employees in managerial positions, as well as their family members, related to the business.

11. The company will not tolerate sexual harassment or other forms of psychological or physical abuse of employees.

12. The company is obliged to accept its special obligations towards employees who will retire shortly.

13. The company will support social relations and relations with pensioners who previously worked in the company.

14. When buying an additional pension insurance, the company will only be guided by the benefits of employees. The company will make every effort to select the most secure offer of the insurance company or investment fund.

15. The company will develop dispute resolution procedures and will do everything to resolve these disputes without allowing the conflict to escalate.

16. The company will strive to ensure the fullest communication with each employee. The company will accept the need to inform and consult employees in the teams in which they work.
Whenever it is possible, employees will also be duly represented in the negotiations. If there is a proper agreement with trade unions, the company will provide appropriate solutions that facilitate constructive dialogue.

17. The company will reliably inform employees about paid social security contributions and the nature of contracts concluded. Employees will be notified about the conclusion of a civil law contract. The company will not use the conclusion of civil law contracts in cases not permitted by law.

18. When dismiss employee is needed, the company will try to help finding a new job if possible.


1. Relations between the Magma S.A.P. company and its contractors should be based on mutual trust.

2. The payment for the service or goods delivered will be paid on time and in accordance with the concluded contract.

3. The financial strength of the company will be used with moderation.

4. The company believs that accepting gifts or other benefits by the employees of the cooperating company may cause situations seen as an attempt to induce to offer some benefits to the donor in return.
The following rules should be followed:

– do not encourage anyone to accept a gift;

– do not give cash gifts;

– reasonable, small gifts and hospitality can be accepted if they do not create any obligation for the recipient and can be reciprocated to the same extent;
– inform your superiors about each received costly gift and about the attendant, associated with the company with whom the cooperation is being carried out.

5. information regarding relations between the company and contractors should be treated as confidential.


1. Magma S.A.P. company it will compete fairly with its competitors and will not undermine their reputation.

2. When dealing with competitors, employees will avoid situations allowing for the transfer of confidential information about the company.

3. The company will not try to obtain information on competition by illegal sources. These include: industrial espionage, employing competitors to obtain secret information from them, persuading competitors or its clients to disclose information they have and other measures not mentioned above.

4. The company will not apply restrictive commercial practices that are unlawful.


1. Magma S.A.P. company will make every effort to be a socially sensitive business entity, serve the community through activities beneficial to the company and the community and providing favorable employment opportunities and good working conditions.

2. The company will take into account the interests of the whole environment, trying to take into account both national and local interest.

3. The company should support the local community as much as possible. Potential donations for charitable purposes will be granted under the rules set by the owner.


1. Magma S.A.P. company will be guided in its activity by a high degree of responsibility for the natural environment.

2. The company is obliged to care for the environment, and the natural resources should be used in a responsible way:

– try to ensure that the production cycle, wastewater management, waste disposal, emission of exhaust gases and noise are within the prescribed standards;

– analyze the effects of each new venture for the environment;

– carry out regular reviews of the company’s environmental impact;

– have a special regard for the protection of animals and plants living in nature;

– inform the community in which the company operates about its environmental protection program.

3. Use of animal tests by the company is only permitted in cases of necessity and in accordance with Polish and international standards of animal care.


1. The company’s activities will be characterized by full respect for the law, implemented by democratically appointed local, regional and national authorities.

2. The company will not support political activity based on propagating hatred, prejudice and discrimination against specific groups or people.

3. The company’s policy in supporting social and political activities should be public.

4. The company will not treat politicians and representatives of power in a particularly privileged way.

1. Magma S.A.P. company will not try to influence the decision-makers by giving them presents, promising benefits and giving financial gratuities.

2. The company will provide in his offer such substantive conditions that he will be able to meet.

3. The company will reliably present achievements and experiences in his offer.

4. The company will not undertake activities discrediting competitors.

1. The company will undertake to comply with the law and the community living in other countries.

2. The company will respect the traditions and culture of each country in which it operates.

3. The company will act responsibly in the field of international trade, in accordance with the agreements recognized by Poland.

1. The implementation of the Codex should be combined with monitoring compliance with the implementation of the ethics program.

2. The strict application of the Codex should be the result of employee education in the scope of the adopted rules.

3. The company should monitor the compliance of its decisions and methods of operation with the principles adopted in the Codex.

4. The company’s goal is to create a favorable working climate and opportunities for employees as well as honestly explain all issues regarding behaviors and decisions considered ethically reprehensible.