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MAGMA Company is a manufacturer of machines and process devices used in the fruit and vegetables processing industry and in the food industry, based on control systems based on the programmable controllers and industrial computers. We build the single machines as well as whole technological lines. We deal with designing, implementation of new projects, as well as with modernization of the already existing systems. We perform the mechanical repairs, replace the control systems, we perform the programming and we offer the maintenance services during and after the warranty period. We posses the outstanding experience and knowledge concerning the food industry: pasteurizers, UHT sterilizers, CIP cleaning station, the automatic systems used for dosing liquids and loose materials, depectinisation stations, aseptic packing machines for liquid products, distribution machines; automatic systems for preparation, filtration and pouring of the liquid products, data collecting, registration and statistic analysis systems, production control systems.

Our solutions guarantee the fulfilment of the HACCP law and are in conformity with the ISO standards. The devices are constructed and accommodated to the client's needs and conditions. The applied steering systems are based on the most up-to-date solutions of the Allen Bradley USA and SIEMENS microprocessor controllers. They enable the optional expansion adjusted to the growing needs of our clients. The considerable flexibility lets the investor save some money and allows for accomplishing of the investor's intentions. We are offering solutions which guarantee the full accomplishment of the task, the full visualization, process monitoring, data storing, remote control based on the local LAN or telephonic lines and its integration with the steering and the data processing systems. All solutions are designed to provide the highest technological safety of the product and the machine, being user friendly in the same time.

The facility and the reliability of the service are the elements, which favour our systems among others. This objective is realized by usage of the ergonomic, graphical control operator panels, which are used to control all the production parameters by the operator. The touch screen and the graphical representation of the buttons ensure that the operator has no doubt which machine would be started. The functionality of our machines and their simplicity ensure the elimination of the human mistakes and the avoidance of the unintended production breaks. Additionally, out of concern for our clients and taking into consideration the fact that each minute of the emergency situation generates losses  we have the Teleservice and the Netservice at our disposal, it makes possible for our service technicians to control, diagnose or intervene almost at the same time, from everywhere in Poland or abroad.

Our solutions are in compliance with the EEC directives, at the same time, agree the domestic veterinarian and sanitary criteria for the food production. We are entitled to make out the conformity certificates. Our systems undergo The EU inspection with the positive effect regarding the export production. We are proficient in constructing machines working in the dangerous environment, especially referring to the explosion risk - ATEX.

The machines are produced as a whole  Our specialists, in all fields, make sure all the elements are properly completed, referring to the project technical assumptions, quality of work (high quality stainless steel, tig welded with the use of argon atmosphere and orbital weld) controllers programming, visualisation or the emergency reporting.